Cebu To Siquijor Island Tours - Cambugahay Falls, Lazi, Siquijor

We’ve been planning for a trip or an adventure outside cebu province for the whole team with family members for a while now but due to conflicting schedules and budget constraints, we never had a chance until this time. We had our first adventure with the team a couple of months ago but some family members weren’t there and it was just in tabuelan, cebu, so this is considered the first time for the core team plus family outside Cebu Province.

The Cebu to Siquijor Journey – Getting to Siquijor Province from Cebu, Philippines

We all agreed to depart as early as 2:45am to catch the earliest possible trip from liloan port to Sibulan port in Negros Oriental (Dumaguete) then to Siquijor Island so we could arrive at Siquijor province by around 9:30am. Unfortunately, there were some delays from target departure and mostly caused by me as i was working until 2am then still have to travel home from work.

This time we were traveling with 2 transport, an SUV and a van. It took us 2hrs and a half to get to Lilo-an port from Lapu-Lapu City as there were few stops to refill fuel and to pick-up other groups from other point in the city. We passed through a couple of popular tourist spots or at least its intersection from the highway like intersection to Simala church in Sibonga, Cebu, intersection to Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu, intersection going to Tumalog falls in Oslob, Cebu, the whaleshark watching area in tan-awan, Oslob, cebu, bancogon port intersection the port for sumilon island.

We were able to catch the 6am ferry from liloan port to Sibulan port and it took 40mins then another 20mins to get to Dumaguete City port from Sibulan port. Fortunately, since we have a family member who’s staying in Dumaguete City, he was able to get tickets for us for Dumaguete to Siquijor trip at 7:30am even though we are still in transit. But again, there were another delays, this time, not by me, but due to a lot of cargoes loaded at the ferry and ferry departed around 7:45am. It took us 2hrs to get to Siquijor Island and we arrived there around 9:45am.

Aside from the adventures and beautiful and stunning beaches of Siquijor Island, we have another itinerary in mind which was to attend a fiesta at our home town. So after our arrival at Siquijor port, we hid straight to our place for breakfast and unpack things. “Sinugbang baboy and Bas-oy” was waiting for us already, ready to be served upon our arrival.

Siqujor Island Tour Day 1 Itinerary and Adventures

After late breakfast and few minutes rest and chill, maybe around 11am, we then departed for the famous Enchanted Balite Tree and Fish Spa. From our place, it’s just a 10minute drive since there were no traffic at all. We took a couple of minutes to take some pictures then enjoy the fish spa and then left for Cambugahay falls in Lazi. Before we arrive at Cambugahay Falls, we stopped at Lazi’s Oldest and biggest convent and lazi Church to take pictures then proceed to Cambugahay Falls.

From the parking area of cambugahay falls, we took at least 135 steps down using the cemented staircase. Everyone was so excited especially the kids after hearing the sound of the waterfalls and people shouting enjoying the swings and jumps into the waterfalls. So here we go, behold the Cambugahay Falls. We stopped for a bit at the first level to observe what other tourists are doing then decided to go the higher level as level 1 was a bit crowded that time. Our male tour specialists, the adrenaline junkies immediately tried the swing through the falls using a vine then couple of jumps and of course swimming and rafting. Not contented with low hieght swing, we then moved back to level 1 to try those high swings. After a couple of hours, we hid home as we were expecting to meet some friends and relatives for dinner.

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