South Cebu Tour: Cebu Chasing Waterfalls 2019: The Return to Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan, Cebu

This is actually our second time to visit inambakan falls. The first time was way back 2015 and we had some cousins with us that time. During our 2015 trip, we were not able to go to other levels of inambakan falls since there was no guide and trail was a bit tricky that time especially it was during rainy days. But since we’ve been sending trips and guests here since 2015, our cebu tour specialists have been telling us that there is so much improvements already, from the roads, the stairs on the trails and they even provide life vests now and tour guides. 

Getting to Inambakan Falls in Gintilan, Cebu

Ginatilan, sometimes spelled as Guinatilan is a small town in southwestern part of Cebu province, approximately 145 kilometers from Cebu City or around 4 hours and 15 minute drive with private car or with cebu tourist transport (cebu rent a van).

From the town proper of Ginatilan, Cebu, you’ll have to drive at least 3.9KM but it took me around 10 – 15 minute drive since the road is a bit narrow and mostly not cemented or asphalted yet but the project is in progress already. According to our tour guide, there are humors that there will be a new road project using different route which will be shorter but no idea yet when it would start and when it would be completed.

Getting to First Level of Inambakan Falls

From the parking area, we still have to walk for around 10 minutes or a bit less before we arrive at the registration booth. From the registration booth, where you can ask for life jackets, it just around 20 meters away from the Level 1 of Inambakan falls. Level 1of Inambakan Falls height is approximately 90 feet with a big area as catch basin or swimming area. According to our guide, depth is at least 12 feet at the center.

Getting to Inambakan Falls Level 2 and Level 3

Getting to the next level is a bit challenging most especially if you are not used to trek or climb mountains but still manageable though but you may just have to make some couple of stops along the way to catch your breath like we did. If you have tried going to level 2 of kawasan falls from Level 1 (you won’t experience climbing level 1 to Level 2 of kawasan falls if you are doing kawasan canyoneering as it is a downstream canyoneering), this climb is approximately the same, if not more difficult but dont worry most of the trail is a cemented stairs already.

Getting to Inambakan Falls Level 4

This is now very easy trail. According to our guide, Inambakan falls supposedly have 5 levels but due to flooding during a typhoon last year, original level 4 was destroyed and so level 5 is now considered level 4.

South Cebu Tour Tips: Other Popular Cebu Tourist destinations you can combine with Inambakan Falls

Here’s a couple of options for you:

Option 1: Similar to our popular pure chasing waterfalls tour package which includes Inambakan Falls, Kawasan Falls and Mantayupan Falls. With these 3 cebu waterfalls, you can finish the tour within 12hours or even less.

Option 2: Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu + Binalayan Hidden Falls in Samboan, Cebu +  Inambakan Falls + Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

Option 3: Oslob Whale Watching + Aguinid Falls + Inambakan Falls + Kawasan Falls

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