Sirao Garden - Little Amsterdam Cebu City Tour

We have been here a couple of times already but never crossed my mind to write about it until now. My first visit here was with my Family around 2 years ago, then the next one was with my in-laws then a couple of weeks after, I also brought my Mom here who really loves flower gardens too then now, we’re back.

The Location

Sirao Garden is located in the mountainous area in Barangay Sirao, Cebu City, approximately 20KM away from the city proper or approximately 40 minute drive depending on traffic. This area has been known for its flowers and other plants and also known to supply flowers to different flower shops especially at the City. The reason why we’ve been coming back here over and over is that we were also buying some plants around the area –not inside Sirao Garden, but just few kilometers away from the actual Sirao Garden Site.

The Highlights of the Little Amsterdam of Cebu, The Sirao Garden

Aside from the obvious different varieties of colorful flower bearing plants and plants with different colors of leaves, Sirao Garden has now improved to becoming one of the best selfie corners and IG worthy site due to added structures that made it look like, well, the little amsterdam and Bali, Indonesia. Well, Let us allow the pictures to speak for itself.

The Other Flower Gardens

Sirao Garden has two (2) sites already. Of course old and the new Sirao Garden. They don’t have much difference so I suggest to visit both while you are at the area. Another one is the Buwakan ni Alejandra which is located in barangay Gaas, Balamban, a few km from the boundary of Cebu City, and around 35KM from the City proper or 16KM from Sirao Garden. Another flower Garden is the 10,000 roses also known as 10K roses located in Cordova, Cebu but these are made of LED bulbs, not real plants, not real roses.

Cebu Tour Tips:

Combining Sirao Garden with other destinations for the Cebu City Tour with Mountain / Uphill Tour

Cebu Mountain Tour / Cebu Uphill Tour – Since Sirao is located at the mountainous area of the City, It’s practical to combine it with those other tourist spots around the area. Normally, You’ll start with West 35 Mountain Resort, Buwakan ni Alejandra, JVR Island in the sky, Adventure Cafe, Florentino’s Little Tagaytay, Strawberry Farm, Sirao Garden, Tops Lookout, Temple of Leah and Terrazas de Flores. For those who can spend longer time to do the tour, they’ll continue with the standard City Tour which includes those tourist spots at the City proper like Taoist Temple, Basilica del Sto Niño, Magellan’s Cross, Cebu Cathedral Church, Cebu Heritage Park, San Diego-Yap Ancestral house, Casa Gorordo, Fort San Pedro, Museo Sugbu, Alegre Guitar Factories, Lapu-Lapu Shrine and 10,000 (10K) Roses. Some would even insert pasalubong centers like Taboan market for dried fish, mango factory and shamrock.

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